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We host events of all kinds to bring the community together and have fun with our four-legged friends. See what's on our events calendar or scroll down to see details for some of our events.


  • Coyote Rollers


    Innovation at Paws4ever

    Stopping canine escape artists

    Coyote rollers have come to Paws4ever, thanks to creativity and hard work by volunteers Barbara Brooks, Michael Wright of Fortress Fencing, Austin Songer, and Ross Ducrest. With the help of other strong volunteers Mark Sample, John Jenkins, Courtney Ebbinghouse, Deb Blake, John Donaldson, and Jill Williams, P4E can now deal with the canine escape-artists we get from time to time!

    Some of you may remember John the Beagle, and some other little dogs that would climb the fence like monkeys, and of course the most famous P4E escape artist of all time was Slippery Pete, a.k.a. “Slick”. (He earned his name!) Our current Houdini is a Great Dane named Rembrandt, who can jump over fences and scale walls, no problem.

    In order to give Rembrandt much-needed freedom to exercise, our project leaders Barbara and Michael researched coyote rollers, which are humanely used out west to keep coyotes from scaling fences and harming livestock. Our P4E innovators designed and installed a lower cost PVC pipe and wire fence top roller system to keep our dogs in the yard.

    Of course, things don't always go as planned. Rembrandt has managed to foil the roller system - he's too smart for his own good sometimes! However, the coyote rollers have proven effective in keeping several of our other fence jumpers/climbers safe in the yard.

    P4E is extremely grateful to everyone who worked in the hot sun or supported the coyote roller project. If you are interested in helping P4E with future exciting and fun projects, just let us know!

  • Open Positions


    Seeking qualified candidates

    Paws4ever wants you to join our team!

    Paws4ever is seeking qualified candidates to join our team and support our goal of becoming a model for animal welfare in our community and beyond through adoption, training, education, and long-term care.

    We have currently have open positions on our Legacy Care team, a program unique to Paws4ever, as well as on our Adoption Center staff. Scroll below to see more details about these open positions.

  • Legacy Care Program Manager Needed

    Abney Legacy Care 3 - Copy

    Position Available!

    Submit resume and cover letter

    Paws4ever seeks an organized, professional, and conscientious animal caretaker to lead, promote, and grow our Legacy Care Program. This program provides quality care for participants’ pets when they are no longer able to care for their animals, either through illness or death.

    The Manager is responsible for all aspects of the Legacy Care program, including the recruitment, training, and supervision of Legacy Care Providers; the promotion of the program; the promotions of and adoption process for program pets; arrangement of and transport to vet appointments; and the processing of new members.

    Candidates interested in the Manager role may also apply for our live-in Residence Caretaker position. Details for each role and the application are attached below.

  • Legacy Care Caretaker Needed

    Charlie Legacy Care - Copy

    Position Available!

    Submit resume and cover letter with application

    Paws4ever seeks a conscientious animal caretaker for our Legacy Care Residence, a home through our Legacy Care membership program, which accommodates pets when their owners are no longer able to care for them due to illness or death.

    The Caretaker is responsible for providing the high standard of care established by Paws4ever for the animals living in the Residence, including attention, food, medications, a healthy and safe environment, and physical and mental stimulation. S/he will keep accurate records of animal care and behavior and provide observations to the Legacy Care Program Manager to best place each animal in either a Legacy Care Provider’s home or with an adoptive family.

    The Caretaker must be comfortable caring for up to 9 animals at any given time. Candidate must have experience working with a diverse array of canine and feline breeds and sizes. The ideal candidate will have experience administering medications and grooming both dogs and cats.

    Additional details for the position are provided along with the application attached below.

  • Cleaning Associate Needed


    Position Available!

    Submit resume and cover letter

    Paws4ever seeks a dedicated, meticulous individual to maintain the cleanliness and overall nice appearance of our adoption center, learning center and administrative offices. This position is part-time with 4-8 hours shifts (must be able to work Sundays).

    Primary duties include thorough cleaning of our adoption center, learning center, and administrative offices. All locations require basic cleaning of floors, bathrooms, windows/mirrors and surfaces, the removal of trash/recycling and the installation of new lightbulbs and air filters as needed. The adoption center requires additional cleaning to include litter pans, cages/crates/carriers, walls, dishes and laundry. Exterior cleaning and basic maintenance as required.

    Full job posting attached below. To apply, submit resume and cover letter to and specify “Cleaning Associate” in the subject line.

  • Animal Care Associate Needed


    Position Available!

    Submit resume and cover letter

    Paws4ever seeks a dedicated, organized, and compassionate individual with extensive direct animal care experience to serve as Animal Care Associate. This position is part-time with the potential for increased hours and responsibility over time. The current opening is for three, 7-hour shifts (must be able to work on Sunday), with a potential for additional hours/shifts.

    Primary duties include providing quality care for the animals at the Paws4ever Adoption Center, including proper nutrition, medication (as needed), exercise and attention, and serving as a customer service agent for potential adopters, volunteers, and guests. Animal Care Associates must also ensure the stringent cleaning of the Adoption Center daily per health code and the maintenance of a clean and safe environment at all times.

    Full job posting attached below. To apply, submit resume and cover letter to and specify “Animal Care Associate” in the subject line.

  • Adoption Angels

    paw print with heart

    Help our overlooked pets find their forever homes!

    Donate any amount to save a life today

    Each year Paws4ever hosts a handful of promotions to help our overlooked pets shine in the spotlight. During these promotions we offer significantly reduced adoption fees, allowing more animals to find homes sooner. Paws4ever Adoption Angels help make these adoptions happen!

    Become an Adoption Angel today by donating any amount toward the adoption fees of a Paws4ever animal. Your contribution will help offset the cost of our regular adoption fee, allowing us to continue to offer adoption discounts throughout the year.

    Our Single and Loving It promotion, which runs August 5 - September 6, features pets who prefer or require a home with no other pets. Discounts are 50% to 100% off! Just imagine the number of pets who will finally have a family to call their own because of this promotion. We couldn't do it without you!

  • Happy Tails: Dog


    It's never too late for a happy ending!

    Crissy finds forever home after 7 years at Paws4ever

    At Paws4ever we make a lifetime commitment to securing the future of homeless cats and dogs. For Crissy, this commitment allowed her to find a forever home after almost 7 years of living at Paws4ever!

    Rescued in 2007, Crissy was once an easy-going and gregarious dog, but over time she became fearful around strangers and reactive towards other dogs. Then in 2011, Crissy nearly lost her life as a result of a serious infection that led to nerve damage and stroke-like symptoms.

    Where other shelters might have euthanized Crissy due to the combination of medical illness and behavioral challenges, Paws4ever knew that Crissy’s life was worth saving!

    With compassionate care from staff, helpful training with volunteers and financial support from generous donors, Paws4ever was able to offer a good life for Crissy while she waited for her forever family. In April, a wonderful couple saw that something special in Crissy and adopted her!

    Because of support from friends like you, Paws4ever made a commitment to Crissy, and now her future is secured.

    Help us secure the future for many more homeless dogs and cats. Make a donation today!

    To see photos and read more about Crissy's story, click Find Out More below.

  • Become a Paws Pal


    Will You Help an Animal Like Gypsy?

    beginning today!

    Hi there!

    I have been a Paws4ever volunteer for 6 years. I met Gypsy in January 2009 when she came to Paws4ever with her two kittens. Her kittens were adopted quickly, but Gypsy was incredibly fearful of people, did not like to be petted, and hid when visitors would enter the cat room. I spent the next several years getting to know Gypsy and earning her trust. It took a long time, but she finally allowed me to pet her. Eventually, she would even purr when I petted her and would come out to see me when I entered the cat room.

    However, she was still very fearful of strangers and was always overlooked for adoption. Potential adopters just didn't want to take home a very timid adult cat, fearing that she would never come out of her shell. On top of that, she has deformed tear ducts causing constantly watery eyes and she also has a heart murmur. From my interactions with her, I knew she was a loving cat who just needed a quiet home where she could thrive. Over the years, I wanted to adopt her, but already had cats at home and worried about how she might fit in.

    As her 5 year anniversary at Paws4ever approached, I just couldn't have her spend one more day without a forever home, so I adopted her the day after Christmas. She spent 2 days under the bed, but since then, she has been the happiest cat I have ever seen. She runs around with her tail in the air, chases her tail, plays like a kitten, sleeps next to me at night, sits on my lap, purrs like crazy, and gets along beautifully with her Paws4ever siblings. My only regret is that I didn't bring her home years sooner!

    It is animals like Gypsy who spend months or years at Paws4ever who inspire me to be a monthly sponsor. It is important that these animals have funding so that Paws4ever can provide the best care for them until they are adopted. I can't bring them all home, but I can advocate for these animals by helping secure their future.

    Become a Paws Pal today.

    I encourage everyone to become a monthly sponsor at any level. Did you know just $30 a month covers the veterinary and pharmaceutical costs for each animal? These dollars add up and make such a big difference in the lives of these animals.


    P.S. Sign up now and make your first donation by credit card online! Your recurring online donation is secure and flexible. You choose the amount you wish to give each month and you can change, or cancel, your pledge at any time.

    Questions? Please contact or (919) 241-8438 x104.

  • Support Paws4ever when you shop


    Consider buying your gifts from these businesses that support Paws4ever with every purchase

    Thank you for making your shopping dollars count for Paws4ever!

    You'll find gifts for your loved ones to treasure, and Paws4ever animals will receive the support they need to stay warm this holiday season.

    When you shop at AmazonSmile, you'll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to Paws4ever. Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Animal Protection Society of Orange County, Inc. DBA Paws4ever for every purchase you make. Bookmark the link and support us every time you shop.

    Gift Giving and Paws4aCause on Square Market
    On this site you'll find excellent gift giving ideas, all benefiting Paws4ever! In the Gift Giving section you'll find quality items your friends and family will love to receive. In the Paws4aCause section, find meaningful gifts to purchase for Paws4ever in honor of someone you love. Great gifting ideas for the person who has everything!

    Paws4ever ReSale Store
    The Paws4ever ReSale Store provides a variety of unique, high-quality merchandise for you and your pet. All proceeds support the Paws4ever mission.

    Manage My Dog
    Manage My Dog specializes in private, one on one training sessions with you and your dog using positive reinforcement and force free training techniques. Sign up today for sessions with Cathy Abney and she will donate 25% back to Paws4ever if you mention this email.

    Girl With 3 Dogs Photography
    Jerri Greenberg is passionate about animal rescue, and donates both time and money to help. Visit her website and see her beautiful work. She is available for weddings, portraits, pets and events. Let her know you are a supporter of Paws4ever and she will donate 10% back to us!

    Welcomed Distractions
    Alicia Tanner is an animal lover and artist. She will create an artistically rendered portrait that captures your pet and will give 10% back to Paws4ever at the same time! Give Alicia a call to discuss options and rates at 919.621.8844.

    Barking Cat Jewelry
    Looking for some unique jewelry gifts? Visit Barking Cat Jewelry to find beautiful jewelry, including the unique "Sleeps With Dogs" pendant. Paws4ever is an official Barking Cat Jewelry partner, meaning they will donate 20% of all purchases made from their line back to us. This includes the "Sleeps With Dogs" pendant, and other items for you and your pet. Make sure to write in Paws4ever when prompted during the check out process.

    Bark Box
    Have you figured out what to get your best friend? BarkBox packages are full of fun goodies like toys, bones, and more! Snag your dog a BarkBox subscription using our code (P4EBBX1), you'll get 10% off, and the BarkGood team will give us a $15 donation. If you purchase your subscription on GivingTuesday, we'll get a bonus BarkBox for our shelter dogs!

    Thank You for your support of Paws4ever!

  • Quick Training Tips

    Training photo

    from Julie Jenkins

    Dog Training Manager

    Is your dog rowdy or hyper-active?
    Help your pet get the proper amount of exercise! Many behavior issues are rooted in boredom or under-stimulation. Walks are a good start, but a two-mile walk is just a warm-up for many dogs. Teach your dog to play fetch and play with him until he’s tired once a day. Dog parks are another option, offering the company and play benefits of other dogs. The Paws4ever Dog Park offers three acres of fenced, shaded land, accessible to members 365 days a year.

    Does your dog eat too quickly or guard his food bowl?
    Instead of serving dog food into a bowl, put a measured amount into a food dispensing puzzle toy, or better yet, use it as training treats! To improve your dog’s behavior in all aspects of life, incorporate training into every-day activities. Use your dog’s daily ration of food to train new behaviors or reinforce ones he already knows. Feeding by hand is also a great way to prevent food bowl aggression or rehabilitate dogs who display it. Using your dog’s regular food as training treats prevents potential gastric upset associated with richer treats as well. Food-dispensing puzzle toys such as a Kong or Busy Buddy, turn meal time into an interactive challenge. From a health perspective, eating slowly is preferable to eating fast. In addition, making meal time last a little longer and provide more stimulation gives your dog a chance to expend a bit more energy.

    Does your dog pull on the leash?
    Leash-walking can be a challenging skill for many dogs! A simple piece of equipment can make all the differences. Unlike collars or traditional harnesses that attach to a leash on the dog’s back, front-clip harnesses foster good communication, prevent choking, and put some control back in the hands of the owner without the use of pain. They are easy to take on and off and dogs acclimate to them very quickly. While no training is required to successfully use a front-clip harness, they do make training and any other on-leash activity with your dog easier.

    Could your dog use a refresher on obedience and manners?
    Enrolling in a group training class is a great way to build a better connection with your dog. At Paws4ever, our knowledgeable trainers will help improve the communication, attention and responsiveness of dogs and humans. Structured exercises and weekly homework will help you stay on track, and you can even take advantage of a trial-membership at our dog park for the duration of your class!

    For more information, click TRAIN above or contact Julie Jenkins to learn more about the classes currently offered that best suit your dog.

  • Annual Report


    Thank you for supporting Paws4ever!

    We know there are many worthy organizations in our community to support and we thank you again for your commitment to Paws4ever.

    Click "Find out More" below to read a short summary of the past year and what we have been able to accomplish with your help.

    For questions about past or future donations, please contact Please also let us know if you would like a copy of our most recent Form 990.

    Thank you.


  • PawsFest


    Fall festival and walk/run

    Saturday, October 10
    11am - 2pm
    Paws4ever Adoption Center

    There's something for everyone at PawsFest! Join us for food and drinks, games, raffles and prizes, a 4K trail run/.5 mile walk, live music, dog agility demonstrations, local vendors and much more. General admission is only $5!

    PawsFest is fun for all ages and a wonderful way to support saving animals in our communities!

    Visit the official PawsFest website to register for the walk/run and to get the latest updates on the event.

  • Events Calendar


    What's happening at Paws4ever?

    Check out our events below!

    There's always something new at Paws4ever! We host events of all kinds to bring the community together and have fun with our four-legged friends. See what's on our events calendar or scroll down to see details for some of our events.

  • Microchip Clinic

    Maggie Moo (14) - Copy

    With Cole Park Veterinary Hospital

    Saturday, October 3
    2pm - 4pm
    $40 (includes $17.99 registration fee)

    We believe microchipping is one of the best ways to ensure a lost pet finds its home again. That's why we've partnered with Cole Park Veterinary Hospital of Chapel Hill to host a microchip clinic for dogs.

    Dogs will be microchipped on a first-come, first-serve basis. 5% of the profits from the clinic will be donated to Paws4ever.

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