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We host events of all kinds to bring the community together and have fun with our four-legged friends. See what's on our events calendar or scroll down to see details for some of our events.


  • Annual Report


    2015 Report & Strategic Plan 2016-2021

    Thank you for supporting Paws4ever!

    Click "Find out More" below to read a short summary of the past year, what we have been able to accomplish with your help, and our goals for the future.

    We know there are many worthy organizations in our community to support and we thank you again for your commitment to Paws4ever!

    For questions about past or future donations, please contact Please also let us know if you would like a copy of our most recent Form 990.

  • Featured Volunteer

    Elizabeth Ward Movic and Root FAB!

    Elizabeth Movic

    Paws4ever volunteer for over 6 years!

    Elizabeth is the Mary Lou Retton of volunteers, an all-around winner who never, ever lets our animals or the organization down!

    Elizabeth has proven herself many times over to be an amazing volunteer. She is known to have "worked miracles" with a shy, damaged shepherd that she fostered for Paws4ever, and she has trained and socialized many of our challenging dogs and directly influenced their successful adoptions into loving homes. Once, she was bringing Boss Hog - a very large, very exuberant pit bull - to a much-needed training class when he started jumping around, doing backflips at the end of the leash! Undaunted, Elizabeth spotted our Volunteer Manager and very calmly said, “Excuse me. I have a slight problem, could you give me a hand?” We so appreciate Elizabeth’s calm demeanor, skill, humor, and good judgement in her interactions with our dogs.

    Elizabeth also interfaces with the community at every level, and she shows our general visitors, adult and child tour groups, event participants, and adopters that animal rescue can be done with intelligence, reason, grace, joy, and humor. Elizabeth Movic is our secret weapon at events. She is solid as a rock for leadership, reliability, and she is a positive role model representing animal welfare for the community. She continually inspires others to do this work! There is nothing more valuable for the long-term goal of alleviating animal suffering in our state.

    While Elizabeth is performing at this very high level as a volunteer, she is unfailingly poised, gracious, welcoming and kind to all the folks (humans and canines!) who come through Paws4ever. Staff and fellow volunteers see Elizabeth as a role model, leader, and loyal part of the Paws4ever team. Her sense of humor is fantastic for us all; unexpected things can happen in animal-rescue world! Elizabeth gained new heights of respect from our experienced crew when she was actually peed on by a new dog during a class! She was so totally cool, she just laughed it off (along with the rest of us, who were howling with laughter!)

    For these reasons and so many more, Paws4ever is proud to nominate Elizabeth Movic for a 2016 Volunteer Service Award, and if Boss Hogg could speak, he would definitely nominate the lovely Elizabeth as well!

  • Adoption Angels

    paw print with heart

    Help our overlooked pets find their forever homes!

    Donate any amount to save a life today

    Each year Paws4ever hosts a handful of promotions to help our overlooked pets shine in the spotlight. During these promotions we offer significantly reduced adoption fees, allowing more animals to find homes sooner. Paws4ever Adoption Angels help make these adoptions happen!

    Become an Adoption Angel today by donating any amount toward the adoption fees of a Paws4ever animal. Your contribution will help offset the cost of our regular adoption fee, allowing us to continue to offer adoption discounts throughout the year.

    Just imagine the number of pets who will finally have a family to call their own because of an Adoption Angel. We couldn't do it without you!

  • Support Paws4ever when you shop


    Consider buying your gifts from these businesses that support Paws4ever with every purchase

    Thank you for making your shopping dollars count for Paws4ever!

    You'll find gifts for your loved ones to treasure, and Paws4ever animals will receive the support they need to stay warm this holiday season.

    When you shop at AmazonSmile, you'll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to Paws4ever. Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Animal Protection Society of Orange County, Inc. DBA Paws4ever for every purchase you make. Bookmark the link and support us every time you shop.

    Gift Giving and Paws4aCause on Square Market
    On this site you'll find excellent gift giving ideas, all benefiting Paws4ever! In the Gift Giving section you'll find quality items your friends and family will love to receive. In the Paws4aCause section, find meaningful gifts to purchase for Paws4ever in honor of someone you love. Great gifting ideas for the person who has everything!

    Paws4ever ReSale Store
    The Paws4ever ReSale Store provides a variety of unique, high-quality merchandise for you and your pet. All proceeds support the Paws4ever mission.

    Manage My Dog
    Manage My Dog specializes in private, one on one training sessions with you and your dog using positive reinforcement and force free training techniques. Sign up today for sessions with Cathy Abney and she will donate 25% back to Paws4ever if you mention this email.

    Girl With 3 Dogs Photography
    Jerri Greenberg is passionate about animal rescue, and donates both time and money to help. Visit her website and see her beautiful work. She is available for weddings, portraits, pets and events. Let her know you are a supporter of Paws4ever and she will donate 10% back to us!

    Welcomed Distractions
    Alicia Tanner is an animal lover and artist. She will create an artistically rendered portrait that captures your pet and will give 10% back to Paws4ever at the same time! Give Alicia a call to discuss options and rates at 919.621.8844.

    Barking Cat Jewelry
    Looking for some unique jewelry gifts? Visit Barking Cat Jewelry to find beautiful jewelry, including the unique "Sleeps With Dogs" pendant. Paws4ever is an official Barking Cat Jewelry partner, meaning they will donate 20% of all purchases made from their line back to us. This includes the "Sleeps With Dogs" pendant, and other items for you and your pet. Make sure to write in Paws4ever when prompted during the check out process.

    Bark Box
    Have you figured out what to get your best friend? BarkBox packages are full of fun goodies like toys, bones, and more! Snag your dog a BarkBox subscription using our code (P4EBBX1), you'll get 10% off, and the BarkGood team will give us a $15 donation. If you purchase your subscription on GivingTuesday, we'll get a bonus BarkBox for our shelter dogs!

    Thank You for your support of Paws4ever!

  • Quick Training Tips

    Training photo

    from Julie Jenkins

    Dog Training Manager

    Is your dog rowdy or hyper-active?
    Help your pet get the proper amount of exercise! Many behavior issues are rooted in boredom or under-stimulation. Walks are a good start, but a two-mile walk is just a warm-up for many dogs. Teach your dog to play fetch and play with him until he’s tired once a day. Dog parks are another option, offering the company and play benefits of other dogs. The Paws4ever Dog Park offers three acres of fenced, shaded land, accessible to members 365 days a year.

    Does your dog eat too quickly or guard his food bowl?
    Instead of serving dog food into a bowl, put a measured amount into a food dispensing puzzle toy, or better yet, use it as training treats! To improve your dog’s behavior in all aspects of life, incorporate training into every-day activities. Use your dog’s daily ration of food to train new behaviors or reinforce ones he already knows. Feeding by hand is also a great way to prevent food bowl aggression or rehabilitate dogs who display it. Using your dog’s regular food as training treats prevents potential gastric upset associated with richer treats as well. Food-dispensing puzzle toys such as a Kong or Busy Buddy, turn meal time into an interactive challenge. From a health perspective, eating slowly is preferable to eating fast. In addition, making meal time last a little longer and provide more stimulation gives your dog a chance to expend a bit more energy.

    Does your dog pull on the leash?
    Leash-walking can be a challenging skill for many dogs! A simple piece of equipment can make all the differences. Unlike collars or traditional harnesses that attach to a leash on the dog’s back, front-clip harnesses foster good communication, prevent choking, and put some control back in the hands of the owner without the use of pain. They are easy to take on and off and dogs acclimate to them very quickly. While no training is required to successfully use a front-clip harness, they do make training and any other on-leash activity with your dog easier.

    Could your dog use a refresher on obedience and manners?
    Enrolling in a group training class is a great way to build a better connection with your dog. At Paws4ever, our knowledgeable trainers will help improve the communication, attention and responsiveness of dogs and humans. Structured exercises and weekly homework will help you stay on track, and you can even take advantage of a trial-membership at our dog park for the duration of your class!

    For more information, click TRAIN above or contact Julie Jenkins to learn more about the classes currently offered that best suit your dog.


  • Events Calendar


    What's happening at Paws4ever?

    Check out our events below!

    There's always something new at Paws4ever! We host events of all kinds to bring the community together and have fun with our four-legged friends. See what's on our events calendar or scroll down to see details for some of our events.

  • Double the Love

    double love

    Double the pets, double the love in February!

    February 1 - 29

    Spread the love this month by giving more animals a home - adopt two cats and get 50% off the adoption fees for BOTH animals! The only thing better than having one cat to love is having two cats, so come adopt your two best friends today!

  • Adult Easter Egg Hunt

    Easter Egg Hunt Logo

    prizes are much better than just candy!

    Saturday, March 26
    Paws4ever Learning Center

    Don't let the kids have all the fun! Back for a second year, the adults get their own Easter Egg Hunt with prizes that are so much better than candy!

    Enjoy live music, refreshments, and the chance to win great prizes such as cash, gift cards and libations!

    Must be 21 or older to participate. All proceeds benefit the animals of Paws4ever!

    Don't miss out on the fun of the hunt and the thrill of the rewards. Come see what the Easter Bunny brought you this year!

  • Fit Paws with Bobbie Lyons


    Master Trainer visits for weekend only!

    April 2 - 3, 2016

    Fitness and conditioning make all the difference to human athletes, and dogs are no different. Better conditioning reduces the risk of injury and improves performance, no matter what sport your dog enjoys. Join us for two days of canine fitness and conditioning with Fit Paws master trainer, Bobbie Lyons, of Pawsitive Performance.

    Click "find out more" below for lesson descriptions, or watch a video of Bobbie and Fit Paws at work here. A 50% deposit is due at the time of registration, with the balance due February 1, 2016.

  • Art Show

    Walt 10

    To benefit Paws4ever

    April 8-10
    Chapel Hill, NC

    Check back soon for more details!

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