More ways to care

We welcome volunteers in several different areas, like dog walking and training, cat socializing, fostering, special events, and organizational needs (just to name a few!).

If you would like to volunteer,
just follow the steps below.


"It is the staff and our animal friends that make volunteering at the Sancturary one of the most uplifting and gratifying things I do in my life."
- Deb, a Paws4ever Volunteer, March 2013

1. Complete the online registration form below.
Our volunteer program manager will then send you a list of dates for upcoming volunteer training sessions.

2. Attend Volunteer Training.
All new volunteers must be 16 or older. A parent must accompany teens during volunteer training and for the month following. Teens may then volunteer "solo," at our staff's discretion.

3. Contact us if you need additional information.
Email our volunteer program manager at
Interested in volunteering at our ReSale Store? Email

Note: We do not offer one-to-one supervision for volunteers, so we cannot sign official forms for court-ordered individuals.

Volunteer FAQ

How old do I have to be to become a volunteer?
A volunteer must be at least 16 years old. Sixteen- and 17-year-old volunteers must train with a parent, then volunteer with the parent for the first month. Afterward, the teen will be allowed to volunteer solo at the staff’s discretion.

I don’t want to work with the animals but I want to help. Can I volunteer?
Yes! Please let us know your interests and we will connect you with the appropriate committee and project leaders.

I am allergic to cats (or dogs). Can I volunteer?
Yes, you do not have to volunteer directly with certain animals, and you can guage how close you get to the animals based on your allergy situation. We can also help you find other ways to help Paws4ever.

I am a very skilled dog trainer or vet tech. How can I help?
We welcome volunteers at our Dog Training Center. Please contact the director of that program for details. We would also love to hear about your skills and contacts as a vet tech.

I have never had a dog. Can I volunteer?
Yes. We will give you some basic guidelines during volunteer training, and you can ask staff to handle only easier (yellow level) dogs. You should not handle higher-level dogs (orange or purple level). Staff will help you if you have questions or concerns.

Can my child complete their high school community service hours at Paws4ever?
Yes, if your child is at least 16 years old, if you train with them and if you supervise them for the first month. The teen must keep track of their hours and, if documentation is needed, give plenty of notice for any letter writing.

I want to help your ReSale store. How can I do that?
Please contact the store directly (see the website). We welcome volunteers at the store!

I want to donate lots of supplies left over from my own dog or cat. Is that OK?
Yes, but please consult our adoption center staff about any medical or hygiene issues.

I want to help at adoptathons and community events. How can I volunteer?
Our executive director coordinates all events. You can speak with her to get the details.

I want to join your board of directors. How can I find out more?
Please ask our executive director about this.

I am an artist, musician, businessperson, etc., and I want to offer my services. How do I do that?
We thank you in advance! Please contact our executive director about how you can help.

My sister’s/neighbor’s/friend’s child wants to volunteer. Can I be the supervising adult for her?
Maybe, if the child is at least 16 years old, if you have permission from the volunteer program manager and if you provide written documentation/parental permission to be the teen’s adult supervisor. When that is done, you may complete the volunteer training as already described.

I want to volunteer as a foster parent for a dog or a cat. How can I do that?
Please contact the director of our Adoption Center to get details about helping our animals as a foster parent.

Can I do my court-ordered community service at Paws4ever?
No. We do not provide one-to-one supervision of our volunteers, so we are not able to sign any court forms for volunteers.

Can I bring my own dog when I volunteer?

Can I bring my friends when I volunteer?

Volunteers cannot routinely bring in friends, unless they get trained as volunteers as well. If a friend is visiting you from out of town, for example, you can tell staff they are with you when you check in. Because you are the trained volunteer, you must be the only animal handler.

I belong to a group (or club, or service center, or church, etc.) and we all want to volunteer. Can we come in?
Group visits must be arranged ahead of time through our executive director; contact her directly for details.

I am the leader of a group of young children, and we want to help. Can we volunteer?
For safety reasons, we do not allow children under the age of 16 to volunteer at Paws4ever. You can, however, speak to our executive director about arranging a supervised tour of the facility with your group.

I am disabled (may include mental, developmental or physical disabilities). Can I volunteer?

We have a nondiscrimination policy and we welcome all volunteers; we are happy to talk with you about how you can volunteer, considering the safety requirements of our facility.


Please fill out our online form to register for volunteer orientation.

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Socialize cats

Community events

Office help

Would you like to:

Foster a dog

Foster a cat

How did you hear about Paws4ever?

Please list anything else you think we might need or any special skill/talent you want to contribute to Paws4ever (e.g., photographer, mechanic, contractor, PR, graphic designer).

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